The Little Sindy Museum are happy to have two Tammy dolls from 1962 and a Pepper doll from 1964. (She can join this page with her big sister.)

Director and Chairman at Pedigree, Jerry Reynolds, tells TLSM: “Tammy was launched in 1962 by USA company Ideal Toys (big in those days) styled as ‘girl next door’ alternative to Barbie brash fashion. Tammy was effectively USA forerunner of Sindy adopting USP “The doll you love to dress”. When Sindy was launched here (UK, comment by TLSM) in 1963, Ideal and Lines Bros (Sindy’s owner) worked closely together in those days and reached agreement that Pedigree could exclusively use “The doll you love to dress” in all Sindy markets and that became Sindy USP for many years to follow. Though Sindy continued to prosper, Tammy was withdrawn from the US market in 1966.”

You can click on the images below for a larger photo. 

Tammy and her family in a toy brochure from USA.
The pamphlet that accompanied Tammy.
Tammy as she was stored in her original box.
Tammy had a travel box as well. This belongs to TLSM.
It has place for Tammy, her clothes, shoes and other small things.
TLSM bought this Tammy from Kristine Rembach, USA, May 2020.
Tammy’s original outfit is bought from cazar,a UK, Jun 2020.
Sadly I have no shoes for her.
We are proud to have her!
Just for fun: Tammy 1962 vs Sindy 1965.
As soon as I have the first 1963 Sindy I will take new photos.
On Tammys back: Ideal Toy Corp. B S – 12 1 (Sindy is unmarked.)
Pepper and Tammy in replicas of the Sindy nurse uniforms.
The replicas are made by the talented Sue Scrase.
https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/sewist53 Check it out!
Pepper and Tammy are watching over their Sindy relatives at TLSM.