Sindy on Social Media

Page 6, Mam’selle, October 2021.

Sindy on Social Media

If you click on the photo to the left (from Bonita Turner’s Sindy magazine “Mam’selle) you will get to see what’s happening on social media regarding Sindy and her friends such as beautiful ooak (one of a kind) Sindy dolls and Q/A with people known for something in “Sindyvers”.

TLSM loves Mam’selle Sindy Doll Magazine and have the human sized paper issues for the visitors to read, at the museum. This is the description of the magazine by themselves:

London, GB. “Hello Dolls! Welcome to Mam’selle! A mini magazine for Sindy doll lovers, fans and collectors. We hope to showcase what makes Sindy – the doll you love to dress launched in 1963 – so special even today. With interviews, editorial and photography, here we will connect with our loyal Sindy doll community and ensure Sindy is loved forever more.”

You can read each issue digitally if you click on a picture below.