1963-66 Sandy Jennings own collection

TLSM found out about Sandy’s Sindy collection through the Vintage Sindy Collectors Facebook group. It was so lovely to see all her dolls and clothes and when asked Sandy was so sweet letting TLSM share her lovley photos with the visitors on this website. She also wrote this introduction:

“I had my first Sindy in the mid-late 1960s. She was either a birthday or Christmas present, I really can’t remember! What I do remember is that she was a beautiful auburn doll, either a Made in England or Made in Hong Kong, with the bobbed hairstyle. I had a few Pedigree outfits – I remember having Undie World – but my parents couldn’t afford much, so my mum knitted and sewed clothes for my and my sister’s Sindys, from scraps of wool and fabric from clothes she made for us. I had hours of fun dressing and posing my Sindy. When I grew out of playing with dolls, everything was stored in the loft in my parents’ house.

Fast forward to the mid-late 1990s and my parents were moving house. Mum was clearing out the loft and asked what I wanted to do with my Sindy and her clothes. I told her to give them away to a charity shop. When I started seriously collecting Sindy in about 2005, I very much regretted this decision! My sister kept her Sindy and a few of the “mummy made” clothes and gave them to me shortly after I started collecting, so I do have a few original pieces from my childhood.

When I started my collection, my original aim was to collect all the outfits, accessories and scenesetters issued by Pedigree from 1963-1966/67, i.e. everything before New Look Sindy was introduced in 1968 (because my childhood Sindy was of this era), and to have enough dolls to display all of the 18 fully accessorised outfits from that period at once! I wanted to collect everything I had wanted as a child.

It’s taken over 15 years, but I finally achieved this aim in May 2021 when I finally acquired the 1966 Bridesmaid outfit (although I had to make repro accessories myself, as I simply couldn’t find the originals). It was a fabulous feeling!”

15 June 2021, Sandy Jennings, Creswick, Victoria, Australia

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1963-66 Accessorised Outfits
1963-66 Separates