Press, links & talks!

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From the Swedish magazine: Svenska öden och äventyr.
From the UK magazine: Doll Showcase
From the Mam’selle Sindy Doll Magazine Issue 08 | APRIL 2022

Links: (in alphabetic order)

Babi a fi ->

Our Sindy Museum ->

Petra Dolls ->

Sewist 53 ->

Shimmy Shim ->

Sindy Collectors Club ->

Sindydockan ->

Sindydoll ->

Sindy Shop ->

Sindy Star ->

The Sindy Ballet Girl ->

The Sindy Scrapyard Emporium->

Trace and Trev-> Etsy page +

Vintage Sindy ->

Vintage Sindy Collectors ->

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  1. Thank you Jerry, I am pleased you found my article interesting. Hope you are well. Sue

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  1. Hello Martina, I was delighted to read Susan (Brewer) ‘Dolls Showcase’ Sindy. Thanks as always for your obvious commitment to our girl and very interesting to better understand background to your set up of the ‘museum’. Best, Jerry

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