This is the homepage of The Little Sindy Museum (TLSM) a small museum in Sweden, only about 45 square metres, filled with the love of Sindy dolls.

A scenery from the first TLSM, that was in Örebro.

The Little Sindy Museum is a non profit hobby of mine. It all started in the 70’s when I, as a kid, got an active Sindy Ballerina. I loved her and every year, on my birthday and on christmas, I wished for things I’ve seen in the Pedigree Sindy brochure I had. And the things I didn’t get I tried to make my self. Born in a family, with a mum who sewed a lot of our clothes and a dad who made things for the family out of wood, it was easy to find materials and start to create. I was lucky to have a great friend just on the other side of our street, Cici, and we played with Sindy a lot during these years.

The founder and owner of TLSM: Martina Söderström and her dog/colleauge Izzy (a Longhaired Weimaraner)
Pedigree Sindy ballerinas at TLSM.
Martina’s was the same model as the middle front one .

When I became a teenager I carefully stored away my treasures to give to my perhaps future kids. Where ever I moved Sindy followed in her big box until the day I felt my actual two kids where big enough to play with Sindy.

I told them about my happy years with Sindy and opened the box. To my surprise I didn’t hear any happy cheers or see any huge smiles on my kids faces. I was the only one cheering. They said: “Is it that old stuff!? No thanks! We want Monster High dolls!” I couldn’t believe my ears! But what to do. I put the box in their play room and said: “You might find something fun for Monster High in here if you go through it…”

When they had grown out of a play room and wanted a gaming room I sold all their dolls and toys they didn’t want to keep. Even my Sindy treasure. I had only kept the box for my kids. At least I thought so. But I felt a bit empty inside. Luckily I met Annika @barbieblackwidow and she led me in to the magic world of dollcollecting in 2018.

In September 2020 I opened The Little Sindy Museum in Örebro, after I’d got the license to do so from Pedigree.

Take a look at the first ever tour at The Little Sindy Museum!
Already TLSM has been open for one year now! Check out how it has grown =)

But as most of you know life isn’t always going according to plan… In 2022 I had to find a new place for me, Izzy (my dog) and TLSM! Luckily this event that started out like a dreadful shock has now turned out to be something very good, for us all in the family and we are now happy and still loving friends.

In September the same year I had the Grand Reopening of TLSM! It is now at a place called the High Coast, a bit further up in Sweden but if you fold a map it’s actually located in the folding, on the east coast: Kramfors, Västernorrland. The video below shows how it looks now!

Welcome to the new place!


For a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s Sceneries/Dioramas, click on an image below. 


This website will be updated little by little as there always are more dolls on the way and it’s hard keeping up with all the information in the same pace.

You can visit TLSM’s social media (icons down below) as well! They are made for you as a visitor to enjoy when/if you don’t have the opportunity to visit TLSM in real life and/or maybe you want to follow recent events that are being publish only there.

Open: by appointment

Visit: The High Coast, Sweden

E-mail: thelittlesindymuseum@gmail.com