Press: UK, Mam’selle Sindy Doll Magazine Issue 08 | APRIL 2022

TLSM is so proud to have been mentioned among the “7 best Sindy websites” in the popular Mam’selle Sindy Doll Magazine, issue 08, April 2022!

Bonita Callaghan is the talent behind the Mam’selle Sindy Doll Magazine. You can read more about her below the article.

The front of the magazine.
Page 7.
Page 8.
Page 9.

Click on the picture above for a bigger text version.

This is part of the eight question from the interview link, above, I made with her:

8) Q: Do you have a special goal for your Sindy work? A: Ooh, I guess making my Sindy magazine was my goal. I have a 23+ year background in publishing so it was always in my mind when I set up the account. But, I only really thought I could do it this year. So I just went for it and launched the September issue of Mam’selle in August. ( TLSM says: click on this link to read the Mam’selle: