Sindy on Social Media – YouTube: Sindydockan/Maria Blomkvist


Name: Maria Blomkvist

Age: 47

Lives in:  Handen, Stockholm County, Sweden

Occupation: Special educator, now studying to be a Document Controller

Known for: Sindydockan on YouTube, social media and

Favourite Sindy: 70´s and early 80´s Active ballerina.

Questions and Answers

1) Q: How did you first discover Sindy? A: In a toy store as a little girl.

2) Q: How old were you when you got your first Sindy? A: Depending on who has the clearest memory, my mother or me, I got one as a child according to my mum. I claim I never got one, so in that case I was 40 years old.

3) Q: What model was your first Sindy? A: The one I got first as a 40 year old was a Sweet Dreams Sindy. Soon after that I got my first ballerina.

4) Q: What kind of Sindy/Sindy item did you dream about as a kid? A: Definitely the blonde ballerina Sindy with pink skirt and I also dreamed about the Patio Set with the yellow and orange parasol.

5) Q: What kind of Sindy/Sindy item do you dream about now? A: Istill dream about having a mint in box Sindy ballerina! I also dream about the Danbury Mint porcelain Sindy.

6) Q: What led you into your Sindy career you have today? A: My own collecting. I wanted all the Sindys I saw, and had to learn to make them fresh looking again. I started my YouTube channel because I felt there needed to be more new material on YouTube about Sindy. I also love to share and get in touch with the doll community, because of that I spend a lot of time on social media. To support my hobby, and maybe my concience, I also started selling on Etsy and now at 

7) Q: Can you mention three people you think helped you there? A: Oh, there are so many..! I have to start with my husband who never complain about my hobby, drives me to thriftstores, gives me surprise Sindys and puts up all the cabinets! I also think my two teenage sons helped me by accepting my obsession and giving me feedback and ideas on Sindy OOAK dolls (I don´t always appreciate).

And some are always there and give me inspiration and encouragement, so they helped me without knowing it. I come to think of Jules @sindydollpics,

8) Q: Do you have a special goal for your Sindy work? A: It´s more of a dream than a goal, but I would love to have Sindy customizing and Sindy art as a way to make all my earnings.

9) Q: Can you mention three people you think of as doll influencers? A: If I have to choose I say Gabriel @sindy_the_traveller in photograpy, Sue @sewist53 for outfits and I say Noel @noelcruzdolls as a repaint artist.

10) Q: What do you love/like/appreciate about Sindy? A: Everything!

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Keep having fun! If the collecting and sharing becomes a stress- take a break!

One of Sindydockan’s YouTube videos. Visit Maria’s channel to watch more!

Below are some collages of Maria’s photos from her Instagram account: Sindydockan.

Here you have the collaboration videos between Sindydockan and TLSM:

Maria (Sindydockan) shows her Rainbow Sindy on it’s way to TLSM.
The Rainbow Sindy has arrived. Unboxing video.

Below you can see photos of Sindydockans Rainbow Sindy:

THANK YOU Maria, for your amazing work and for taking the time to answer all the questions!

September 2021