Persons with a lot of Sindy knowledge and/or collections: Carina Lundström

Part of a photo taken by Anders Kristensson.


Name: Carina Lundström

Age: born 1965 (soon 58)

Lives in: Luleå, Sweden

Occupation: Hairstylist

Known for: Pink cranberry leg (Rosa Lingonben) Facebook account Reroot and styling dolls and collector of Sindy dolls.

Favourite Sindy: 1973 – 74 – 75 Fun time Sindy

Questions and Answers

1) Q: How did you first discover Sindy? A: My mother gave me one, a basic Sindy 1976-77 with a red dress.

2) Q: How old were you when you got your first Sindy? A: 11 years old

3) Q: What model was your first Sindy? A: A Basic Sindy brown hair red dress and I think yellow shoes or maybe red.

4) Q: What kind of Sindy/Sindy item did you dream about as a kid? A:  I wanted a Barbie or a Skipper, I never heard about Sindy.

5) Q: What kind of Sindy/Sindy item do you dream about now? A: Any doll from 1970.

 6) Q: What led you into your Sindy career you have today? A:  I really don´t know, I just love Sindy and suddenly I had about 400 of them!

7) Q: Can you mention three people you think helped you there?  A: Nope not exactly but all nice people on eBay/Tradera and flea markets counts and all my friends on Facebook doll sites.

8) Q: Do you have a special goal for your Sindy work? A: No not really, I collect for fun.

9) Q: Can you mention three people you think of as doll influensers? A: Sorry it´s so many and I really do not know the names. But I like Gerry Borg and how he styles the dolls.

10) Q: What do you love/like/appreciate about Sindy? A: She is so easy to dress up and do her hair, so sweet.

Anything else you’d like to share with us? A: Thank you so much for having me with all this nice collectors. 

Photo of Carina from an exhibition in Kiruna, Sweden, called “Samlare i Norr” (Collectors up North), taken by Anders Kristensson.

Carina is an active member in a lot of Swedish Sindy Facebook groups such as Köp och Sälj Barbie och andra modedockor and Sindy, the doll you love to dress among others. Carina help members to know if they have bought something that are for Sindy or not and she gives more additional information about the Sindy items they have.

Below is different photos taken by Carina of her own collection. Enjoy!

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Below are an article from the Swedish Newspaper, Norrbottens Kuriren, that wrote about Carina’s Sindy collection:

THANK YOU Carina for showing your amazing collection and for taking the time to answer all the questions!

January 2023