Sindy on Social Media – Facebook: Vintage Sindy Collectors/ Kellie Hardie


Name: Kellie Hardie

Age: 49

Lives in: Algarve, Portugal

Occupation: Professional Photographer and owner of

Known for: The Founder of the Vintage Sindy Collectors group on Facebook

Favourite Sindy: My boxed Ballerinas, Mc Donalds Sindy and Gayle.

Questions and Answers

1) Q: How did you first discover Sindy? A: I was given a Sindy as a child.

2) Q: How old were you when you got your first Sindy? A: Not sure how old I was.

3) Q: What model was your first Sindy? A:  I really can’t remember and to be honest my love for her came to me more as an adult.

4) Q: What kind of Sindy/Sindy item did you dream about as a kid? A: See above, no 3.

5) Q: What kind of Sindy/Sindy item do you dream about now? A: I would love to find a Boxed Vintage Pedigree Mitzi.

 6) Q: What led you into your Sindy career you have today? A: My husband, James, collects Vintage Action Man and I always loved seeing what he bought and how he photographed them. I remember having Sindy as a child so went onto eBay and bought a Ballerina Smirky. I loved dressing her and photographing her. I then discovered the early pedigree Sindys which is what I had as a child and loved them and before I knew it I was hooked. I enjoyed collecting the original clothing but wanted to be more creative so I started re rooting and dressing her in other dolls clothes that were not Sindy. I then joined a few groups however I found them very serious and wanted something a bit more laid back, I didn’t like the fact I got told off for putting Sindy in an outfit with incorrect shoes… Sindy was the doll to dress and even as an adult I was still doing this so thought I am sure there are more people like me out there so I started the Vintage Sindy Collectors group and before I knew it I had met loads of lovely people and had over 3500 members and became the biggest Sindy Group on Facebook.

7) Q: Can you mention three people you think helped you there?  A: My husband, James, would be the first person who has helped me, he runs the Vintage Action Man Group which is also the biggest on Facebook and used to run many Action Man Forums so is very good at it. I on the other hand had never run a group so was new to it. At first it was very easy as only a few members but as it got bigger, so did the different personalities and not everyone gets on. It’s always hard to please everyone but I look at the group as my home, would I allow people to talk to me or others in my living room? If not then that is my answer. And on the whole we get very little problems.

My 2nd, 3rd and 4th people who has helped me is my Admin Dianne Marson, we met on the group a few weeks after I started it and got on straight away. It felt right to make her my first Moderator and for a long time we ran the group together. Her knowledge of Sindy is very good and if she doesn’t know, she will go and find out. I really couldn’t have done it without her and would like to thank her for that, she is now an Admin…

Then came Tanya Knowles, she joined the group wanting to sell all her dolls clothes and with her bubbly personality and loveliness Dianne and I knew she had to join the team.

Last but no least Tabitha Smith. Tabitha is an admin on the Action man Group and due to ill health she has the time to monitor and watch the group. Time Dianne, Tanya and I just don’t have sometimes. Without Tabitha things would slip through but she has eyes and ears and is a God send on the running of the group.

The 4 of us have all become great friends and even though we have never met in person we are all there for each other and make sure the Vintage Sindy Collectors group is a safe and happy place.

8) Q: Do you have a special goal for your Sindy work? A: I have achieved my goal of having the biggest and best Sindy Group on Facebook and its all thanks to all my lovely members. 

9) Q: Can you mention three people you think of as doll influensers? A: Sorry to many.

10) Q: Anything else you’d like to share with us? A: Sindy is not just a doll to me, she was a gateway into meeting and chatting to like minded people. I have loved the search of trying to find the rear Sindys like Mc Donald’s and Gayle, Trendy etc. but have also loved getting old battered Sindys and cleaning them up, re rooting and making them into something they never were.
Over the years I have re rooted many Sindys and sold many and it’s lovely to know my creations are all over the world. I have seen many new comers join the group with one doll and over time have become very talented re rooters and photographers and if my group can encourage these people and bring us all together my work here is done.

THANK YOU to Kellie for your amazing work and for taking the time to answer all the questions!

September 2021