1968 Scensetters: Sindy’s Chest of Drawers

For a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s 1968 Chest of Drawers, click on an image below. 

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All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree (and other mentioned on the photos).

From the 1968 Sindy brochure. As you can see Sindy lives in a perfect world! If I have had such a short dress and bent over in a 90 degrees angle I would have shown all my “sitting down area” but Sindy’s dress stays in the same length no matter what (at least in this picture).

TLSM have not been able to find any picture of how the first box containing the Chest of Drawers looked like. If you have any picture to share, please send a PM!

It’s known that Pedigree often took what they had in stock and in these days it was not that important that the pictures in the brochures or on the boxes were exactly the same as in the set when bought. The flowers and vase that followed the Chest of Drawers is an example.

Director and Chairman Mr Jerry Reynolds at Pedigree says:

Continuity of originally specified design not in those days considered to be essential…”

We can see in the brochure pictures of the Chest of Drawers below, how the accessories changes during the years, even though they were known to be the same as in 1968. Notice the flowers, for example.


Another question is if the photo frame, with Paul, was removed in 1972, or if there ever was any belonging to this set? The vase of flowers is mentioned and showed on all of the earlier photos of the Chest of Drawers (except for the first year) in the brochures but the photo frame is also shown but not mentioned in the texts for the same pictures.