1971 Lovely Lively Sindy

TLSM is very grateful to Aly Simmons & Nav Sikand for sharing their documentation about 1971 New Lovely Lively Sindy! The information just below are from their former website http://www.sindy-dolls.com/.

1971 Lovely Lively

Pedigree produced a completely new body for this Sindy doll, fully poseable as she moves at the head, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and knees. Lovely Lively Sindy is known to collectors as a ‘gauntlet’ doll, as she has gauntlet type lower arms on a rotating elbow joint. She also has lovely graceful hands with longer fingers, and slimmer legs with new hip joints. Her head is the same as the Trendy Girl Sindy, and she came with the same hair colours.

She was first issued in a groovy paisley print hip belted jumpsuit, Hearts Delight jumpsuit or Party Time dress. (new plastic poppers tagged Made in Hong Kong). She is marked 033055X on the back of her head, and either Made in Hong Kong, EG Made in Hong Kong, or just EG across her shoulder blades.