1971 Outfits

Here is the list of Sindy outfits from the 1971 catalogue. 

More pictures and information will be uploaded as soon as time allows it! Click on an image and/or on the captions (in some places) for more detailed photos. 

All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree

Sindy outfits from the 1971 Pedigree catalogue.
Sindy outfits from the 1971 Pedigree catalogue.

If you own one of the outfits, that aren’t part of TLSM’s collection yet and are interested in selling it, please get in touch. 

Belle Pressnell is a Sindy collector with over 20 years of Sindy knowledge and she has agreed to help out with information about the 1971 Sindy clothes. Thank you truly for helping to keep the history of Sindy alive Belle!

Belle Pressnell writes:

“Did you know though that one of the outfits never got made? Happy Holiday in the orange and yellow.

And 6 other outfits were issued to the public in different fabrics than in this leaflet.

College Girl – totally different fabric, in pink, blue, lime green and navy stripes

Bridesmaid – though actual fabric is similar to the leaflet one

Look warm – trouser suit was actually made in a bright green

Queen of the Ball – the actual fabrics are much more beautiful. The evening cloak is in a stunning gold jacquard on deep pink or salmon pink fabric , and the dress is a silky raspberry pink with gold trim.

Midi Winter – coat set was made in red with black trim

Skaterhad a different hat and scarf than in the brochure. The hat & scarf & gloves are white, with red and blue stripes and blue pom poms.

I don’t think that there was another year of Pedigree Sindy outfits where they showed so many prototypes in the leaflet that got changed for actual market release.”

Patch outfits from the 1971 Pedigree catalogue.