1972/73 Sindy’s Super Show

Inside the scen there’s a box with a white operating handle that you can move back and forth standing in the back of the scen (as on the photo) or in the front of the stage (if you put the white box in the back and put the handle through the hole in front of the stage, instead of in the back).

In the white box there’s a swirling mechanism which can be wound up with a key that you put in the hole on top of the box and turn a couple of times. Do this after you have put on the white floor on top of everything, the transparent doll stand (to the right) is put on the nob (in the middle of the white box) and the doll is placed in the stand ready to perform! Remove the key after you’ve wound it up and Sindy turns around by her self, ready for her applause!

Inside the stage floor.