1977 Scensetters: Carry Case

The Carry Case was updated this year! Not only could you have it hanging on your shoulder it was also made to look like a hotel room inside. The underside of the bed protected Sindy while carrying her and when it was time to play you just folded down the bed and Sindy could sit or lay on it.

As in the earlier Carry Case Sindy had a “wardrobe” where she could hang her clothes so they wouldn’t get creased. Now she also had a shelf to put shoes or items on and a mirror. The room had a painted on shower and other details often seen in a hotel.

Text from the 1977 Sindy Brochure.

TLSM’s Carry Case might be from 1978 since the inside doesn’t look the same as on the 1977 brochure pictures. Prototype shown on the 1977 brochure picture or updated design in 1978?  

If anyone know please contact The Little Sindy Museum!