1977 Scensetters: Stable

This lovely stable is a “genuine” Pedigree Stable but there are other variations of the same model.

In Holland there was a company called SIO (short for Speelgoed Industrie Overijssel) toy factory, founded in 1938 that manufactured all sorts of wooden toys.

In the 1970’s SIO was sold and became part of the same “family” as Pedigree, the Dunbee-Combex-Marx (DCM) business conglomerate. 

This created the possibility to reuse the designs already made by SIO and make them especially for Sindy, like they did with Marx Little Hostess Dining Table and Sideboard.

TLSM’s other wooden stable.

So, now you have one explanation to why there are many different variations of the same stable and later also the same caravan, even though one variation of the item was sold especially for Sindy.

Read more about the caravans and SIO in the supplement issue of Mam’selle A Sindy Doll Magazine Issue 10 | June 2022

(If you are interested in design history, you can read a text with links to more information. Just scroll all the way down!)

The box att TLSM’s wall.
The Stable at TLSM.

In the 1950’s, SIO in Holland had a couple called Rokus van Blokland and Corry van Blokland Mobach (who later married) to create their designs.

According to the RVBCVBM website:

“They not only designed toys and games but also the packaging, catalogues, logos, signage in the factory in Vroomshoop and at the office in Amsterdam. In addition Rokus and Corry designed the tradeshow exhibitions at the annual Toy Fair in Nuremberg and the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.”

This couple did amazing stuff so please make sure to click on the links to see more of their designs!