1982 Sindy: Quickchange

From the 1982 Sindy brochure.

Sindy has long blond rooted hair with center part and the classic Sindy ponytail. She’s got “Sindy” molded on the back of her head and 033055X below it, underneath the hairline. Both of the heads in this box.

Her body is a basic body with movable head, movable arms, twist’n’turn waist, movable hips and click-click legs. And like the rest of the 1982 dolls, the bodies can differ depending on production country (Great Britain, Hong Kong or China).

The ones made in Hong Kong have Hong Kong marked on the back of the lower waist. The other two body “types” have no markings. The heads of the dolls produced in Hong Kong are harder and smaller than the other’s heads. But all heads are marked the same (as mentioned above).

She came in either the silver or a the purple set of tank top and trousers.

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TLSM has the silver outfit and a doll but until now it’s only the spare head that are on display. As soon as time allows there will be more photos.

Apparently the stand for the spare head came in skin tone as well.