1984 Active Ballerina Sindy

Ballerina Sindy from the 1984 Pedigree catalogue.

As far as TLSM knows there were no new changes on the 1984 Active Ballerina Sindy since the earlier year.

TLSM’s ballerina was purchased ‘used’ and therefor no nude ID photos on this site, since no 100% certainty the head and body haven’t been switched or altered. 

If you have this Sindy as new in the box and would like to help us and others ID their own doll, please send photos to The Little Sindy Museum (credit will be given for all images).

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TLSM’s Ballerina Sindy.
TLSM’s Ballerina Sindy.
All 14 of TLSM’s Ballerinas between 1972-1986.