1985 Sindy Country Manor

In the kitchen of TLSM’s house is the Sindy Cooker Unit (44482) from 1983 (but without the green pots and pans. Here are the orange ones belonging to Sindy’s Magic Cooker (44481) from 1980.) In the Dining room Sindy has the Dining Table and Chairs (44532) from 1985 and you can just see the Hostess Trolley (44767) from 1983. Starlight Sindy is dressed up in Pretty Peach (43093) from 1985.

Sindy was really quick and cleaned out the mess in the garage and let her Brown Horse go outside leaving only the Show Jumping Pony (#8705) from Hasbro 1992 in the stable area. This horse is made from the same mold form as Sindy’s three other horses the Brown Horse (44569) from 1977, the Dapple Grey Horse (44566) and the International Beige & Black Western Horse (44854) the latter two from 1982.

TLSM’s Country Manor, bought from Ellen Emilson in Sweden in 2020.