1985 Sindy Cut’n’Style

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook. He kindly shares his knowledge and says:

Cut N Style Sindy was released in 1984 in a simple pink dress and she was amazing as I was a kid that loved trimming hair. 
She was updated to a more ‘dazzling’ version in 1985. Sindy had cut and grow hair and came with a spare cassette of hair, make up pencils and curlers in her clamshell case. 
While the promo picture of Dazzling Sindy has a single strip diamond necklace, she actually came with a plain white bead necklace or this reused necklace from 1984’s Masquerade Sindy. 
The leaflet shows the price of ordering more hair cassettes, 99p for 2 plus P&P is amazing. I remember sending away for them and I got 6 as a kid. 
This particular Sindy was also marketed as Haute Coiffure in Europe.”

Paul Jackson

From the 1985 Pedigree Sindy brochure.

The photos above are taken by Paul Jackson and it’s his doll that are shown.

TLSM’s Cut-n-Style/Haute Coiffure Sindy was bought new in box from  Per Lindström who has Pearlscollectibles at Tradera (Swedish eBay).

As you can see TLSM’s doll has no necklace and that is apparently not uncommon. Probably they didn’t think it was necessary to put necklaces on all dolls (or maybe it was just the dolls that was sold outside the UK who came without?)