1986 Miss Sindy

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook.

He says: “Although mentioned in the 1986 Sindy Brochure, a Brunette Starlight Sindy was not produced. The first Brunette 1986 Sindy came as a Miss Sindy at (sadly) the end of the line.

Miss Sindy was a collection of 4 Basic Sindy wearing fashions from the 1985 ‘Trends’ Line. Red Sweatshirt, Blue Shorts & Top, White Trousers and Belt and the Yellow Skirt. The 1986 ‘Miss Sindy’ had the new ‘My First Sindy’ Body with non-bending legs and no twist waist. I have only ever seen 3 of these dolls from the box. While the back of the box shows 4 blonde dolls, I know 2 were Brunettes (Yellow Skirt and Red Sweater). Matching shoes were added.

I have only ever seen one blonde boxed which is the Pink Wrap top and White Trousers. Her blonde hair looks different to the other dolls released but I can’t confirm this as I don’t own one yet. I have yet to see a boxed Blue Shorts & Top, so I can’t confirm if she was a blonde or a brunette?

Like with the 1985 ‘Miss Sindy’ range, I think this was a process to use up excess Pedigree stock prior to Hasbro attaining the rights to market her in 1987. It’s interesting to speculate where the Brunette came into play, or if she was planned for year two if the deal had not taken place. Either way it is amazing to have an official brunette in the range as well as the stunning Marie with auburn hair.”

Miss Sindy, not shown in the 1986 catalogue.
Two of the three girls.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Paul!