From the 1986 Sindy brochure.

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook. The Little Sindy Museum does not have these dolls but since Paul is helping out with the ID on 1986 Sindy dolls, aka Smirky, we publish them anyway.

He says: “Starlight Sindy is wearing a revamped red and purple ‘Starlight’ outfit from 1985. You can ID the 1986 version as it includes a collar rather than a scoop neckline.

In the box, Sindy’s hair was not tied back and was left loose. You can identify Starlight Sindy as she has a side parting with platinum blonde hair.

Sindy’s shoes are plain red heels. In the original Brochure it says available in Blonde & Brunette however this was not the case. The Initial first wave (Pink boxes with the large Sindy face logo) only had the Red Starlight Sindy available. She was later repackaged in the new logo box (Pink and Purple box) and also issued in her green outfit.”

If you own one of the dolls above and are interested in selling it, please contact TLSM.