2020 Kid Kreations Collectors Range Sindy: Body

Sindy was given a yoga mission: Bend your body as much as you can!

And since she’s such a sweet girl, she did. So the photos below are trying to show how much her body can bend, turn and twist the limbs.

For a closer look at 2020 Kid Kreations Collectors Range Sindy’s most bent and stretched movements, click on an image below to enlarge it.   

Normal standing pose.
Yes, Sindy?
Leg rotated out and up.
Leg rotated front and up.
Arms rotated out and up.
Max bend forward.
Knees and hip bent max.
Well done, Sindy!
A tricky one! Lower leg rotates all the way round.
Knees, hip and head bent max.
Put on a chair, max bent knees and hip.
Another tricky one! Waist turns all the way round.
Max bending at elbow and hand.
Lower arm turns all the way round at the elbow.
Details of the arm.
The hands are made of a bit softer material.
Head, max bend sideways.
The head turns all the way round at the neck.
Head, max bend back ways
Are you ok Sindy?!
How her back looks like.
The arms max rotated up and out,
Her cute toes.
No movement at the ankle.