2020 Kid Kreations Sindy Collectors Range: Sleepy Time

Inspired by Sleepy Time 1963

Go to bed in true glamour style 

If the link below doesn’t work anymore this is how the web page looked in 2022 (prt sc).
  • Satin short pyjamas with waist tie, proper buttons and ribbon detail
  • Coverup matching dressing gown with Sindy logo and waist tie
  • Fluffy black slider slippers
  • Pretty to bed night pouch bag with S logo contains brush, straighteners mirror and hairdryer comes in Sindy boutique bag with cord handles
  • Rose gold metal heart stud earrings
  • Bow-shaped eye mask

10¾” / 27cm Sleepy Time fashion doll

Facts above from: https://sindycollectorsclub.co.uk/collections/all/products/sleepy-time

For a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s doll collection, click on an image below.   

Sleepy Time at The Little Sindy Musem.

A huge THANK YOU to Kid Kreations for donating half of the dolls cost so The Little Sindy Museum could buy all six of the gorgeous Sindy Collector Range for the visitors to see!

If you want to read more or buy a doll: https://sindycollectorsclub.co.uk/