2021 Kid Kreations Sindy Play Range: Party Time

This is the introduction text from Kid kreations Sindy Play web page:

“Hi! I’m Party Time Sindy! I love celebrating with my friends & family, & I love to dress up, decorate and give gifts to my party guests. You are always invited to have fun with me, we’ll have a great celebration together!

Party Time Sindy is the perfect playset for any doll lover who loves celebrating and partying with their friends. She wears a beautifully detailed purple, blue and pink party dress and a pair of matching blue pumps. She comes with extra long blue hair styled in a high ponytail.

Party Time Sindy also comes with a matching plastic handbag and mini Sindy magazine with games and puzzles inside.”

If the link above doesn’t work anymore this is how the web page looked in 2022 (a print screen image):