2022 Kid Kreations Sindy Play Range: Music Star

This is the introduction text from Kid kreations Sindy Play web page:

“Hi! I’m Music Star Sindy! Music is my world, and I love writing new songs and practising them on my guitar. I also love performing my music onstage! My dream is to travel the world performing my music with an amazing band!

Music Star Sindy is the perfect playset for any doll lover who loves music and performing. She wears a patchwork print crop top, wide leg jeans & a pair of light pink trainers. She comes with long curly blonde hair with stylish plaits.

Music Star Sindy also comes with a guitar, guitar strap and sunglasses. She also comes with a mini Sindy magazine with games and puzzles inside.”

If the link above doesn’t work anymore this is how the web page looked in 2022 (a print screen image):