2022 Kid Kreations Sindy Play Range: Toy Vlogger

This is the introduction text from Kid kreations Sindy Play web page:

“Hi! I’m Toy Vlogger Sindy! I love toys, especially unboxing new ones for my collection. I record everything in my studio for my toy vlog, so everyone can enjoy the surprises I find!

Toy Vlogger Sindy is the perfect playset for any doll lover who loves toy collecting and vlogging. She wears a rainbow print crop t-shirt, two-tone jeans and a pair of white trainers. She comes with black and purple hair styled in fashionable bubble braids.

Toy Vlogger Sindy also comes with 2 plastic mini teddy bears, a laptop for her studio. She also comes with a mini Sindy magazine with games and puzzles inside.”

If the link above doesn’t work anymore this is how the web page looked in 2022 (a print screen image):