1963 Sindy (Weekender)

Here is the Sindy doll from the 1963 Sindy Brochure.  The first edition of Sindy Weekender was made in England 1963 and had soft vinyl arms and hard hollow legs and torso. She had three different hair colours: blonde, auburn and brunette. 

You can click on the image for more detailed photo’s; as our collection grows, more images will be uploaded. 

All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree (and other mentioned on the photos).

A little collage of pictures from the 1963 brochure.
Belinda’s photo and doll. from the 1963 brochure.
TLSM’s Sindy from 1963.
Marked with Made in England on the back of her head.
She’s been well loved…
…not many fingers left!
Thanks to Miss Kitty Paw’s TLSM now got this sweet doll.