Dioramas: 2020-21 Winter Season

Down at the frozen pond gorgeous Ice Skater/Skater Girl Sindy from Kid Kreations (https://sindycollectorsclub.co.uk/…/products/skater-girl) is trying out her skills on the ice. Looks like she need more practice before sha can skate as well as Smirky, seen on the left.

Smirky has been skating since 1986 and can skate really fast and steady both forwards and backwards. She’s also known as Silver Skater (42049).

In the background we find Sindy Super Star (44614) from 1977 putting on her skates. She has her warm and cosy jacket Out Of Town (44206) from 1977.

And closest to us we find Ice Skater (12GSS3) from 1968. Her mittens and skates are missing from TLSM but she doesn’t know and is happy skating anyway. (If anyone have some to sell, please contact TLSM!)

Down at the frozen pond.