Smilla puts down her baby Mathilda in her new pram.
Mathilda would prefer to stay in mum’s arms.
Bruno is waiting patiently.

Smilla is a Pedigree 1986 Miss Sindy wearing the 1986 jacket from Boutique no 43159 on top of her clothes.

As most of you might understand Patch was not a still and quiet child. That’s why her old pram was sold as soon as it wasn’t needed any more. One kid was quite enough thought her parents!

But luckily they changed their minds and therefore had to get a new pram for Mathilda, Pedigree 1986 Walk in the Park (44283). Bruno is the best dog ever and he guards Patch (even though she says it’s the opposite) when Smilla is busy with taking care of Mathilda.

( I know Patch is supposed to be Sindy’s little sister but in this diorama I think Sindy looks like a very sweet mother of two.)