Shopping is one of the things the two BFF girls have in common.

Even though it sure looks like CeCe has been shopping she actually has the picnic in there!
Rose and CeCe always walks like this!
BFF and arm hooking is almost a most do!

Even though the two best friends Rose and CeCe loves to shop together, today is not a shopping day.

Shopping bags are good for so many different things. Like carrying the picnic when out for a little stroll. When girls like Rose and CeCe are having lunch it’s not much to eat anyway, some small sallad or something without too many calories. In Sweden there’s a saying that goes “Vill man vara fin får man lida pin!” and translates something like this: “If one wants to look nice one needs to suffer!” But it sounds better like this: If one wants to look nice one has to pay the price!

Rose is a Pedigree 1977 Basic Sindy who’s wearing 1978 Sporting Life (44317). Thanks to Ashley Williamson, TLSM has this lovely outfit. She donated it and TLSM is truly grateful!

CeCe is a Kid Kreations 2020 Sindy Collectors Range “City Chic” and is half donated to TLSM thanks to Linda at Kid Kreations!