Dioramas: 2021 Spring Season

The two friends Smirky and Sindy just realised that soon the bikini season will be here and they both want to look their best at the beach!

So power walk in the park instead of power bars but no spark in front of the telly!

Smirky is wearing an unnamed outfit (43160) from 1986 (her headband is just something she put on to be as cool as her friend). Thanks to Emmelie Johansson TLSM has this outfit!

Sindy is wearing her High Energy outfit (43084) from 1985 and thanks to Debbie Inglis she now has her headband as well!

One of the best part of getting older is that the self confidence grows and you feel more safe and relaxed just the way you are! So hang in there girls!

Work it, work it!