Dioramas: 2021 Spring Season

When Sindy’s dog Ringo suddenly stopped and she turned to see why, her gaze locks on a handsome guy looking directly into her eyes. Sindy stops walking and her complete body is tingling and her brain loses all control. Wow!

Paul can’t stop looking at the gorgeous girl with the little dog.
It seems like Ringo and Red also have got spring feelings since they’re trying their best to get closer to each other barking happily!

Love at first sight! Isn’t that a typical spring thing?

Years and years later they will tell their children about the first time they lay eyes on each other in the park, that lovely spring day when their dogs made them discover the most beautiful person they’d ever seen.

Paul in Casuals (13MPS) and Jacket (Ref 13M53), 1965.

Sindy (12GSS) in Country Walk (Ref 12S08), the later version from sometime between 1965-69.

The look!