Dioramas: 2022 Spring season

Fashion Fun Sindy, her daughters and their friend Betty are going to a Spring Party but just when they are about to leave Maddie disappear…

-“Maddie Patch Pedigree! You come here right away,” Sindy shouts angrily. “We can see you hiding behind the dress!”
Maddie Patch gets all confused…
“How can mum see me when I can’t see them?” she thinks. “She must have some kind of X-ray vision, like a superhero!”

The things you can see in the photos are:

1984 Rotary clothesline from the 44488 Pedigree Sindy Spring clean set

1985 Pedigree Fashion Fun Sindy 42013

1967 Pedigree Sindy Patch (aka the second Patch or Hong Kong Patch) 9GPS

Patch in 1966 Pedigree Sindy Birthday Party 9P04

1967 Patch’s American friend (Pedigree Sindy) Betsy 6GBS