Dioramas: 2022 Spring season

Betsy giggles to her friend Carrie, -“Your sister is so funny!”
-“We’re leaving now Maggie,” Sindy says and sigh, “with or without you!”
-“Really!?” Betsy whispers to Carrie. Carrie shakes her head and says -“No! Mum is just trying to scare her,” she laughs.

The things you can see in the photos are:

1985 Pedigree Fashion Fun Sindy 42013

1967 Patch’s American friend (Pedigree Sindy) Betsy 6GBS

1969/70 Pedigree Sindy Patch (aka The Last Patch or The Canterbury Patch) whose hair sadly has been cut.

Patch in 1967 Pedigree Sindy Red Riding Hood 9P07 missing her original socks, shoes, half apron, basket of fruit and her book. (Please contact TLSM if you have any to sell/donate.)

1984 Rotary clothesline from the 44488 Pedigree Sindy Spring clean set