Dioramas: 2022 Summer Season

Something about the fire in the barbeques makes men think it’s their place to be. They feel very at home there, close to the meat and the smoke.

But Sandy and Vicki doesn’t complain, they enjoy the barbequed meat that Paul has given them.

Vicki talks about a TV-program she’d seen the night before. It was about the Swedish Crown Princess and her name is Victoria.

“- I wonder if she’s ever been called Vicki, she says…”

You can see the listed items below, in the photos:

1967 Pedigree Miniature Paul in 1965 Tee-shirt 13M51

1985 Pedigree Barbeque 44261

1985 Pedigree Trendsetter Sindy 42010

1968 Pedigree Vicki 12GSV