Funskool 1996: Miss India Sindy Kurta

Lennart Nygren, from Club-Sindy, donated (among other things) this lovely doll to TLSM!

He says: “Miss India Sindy Kurta was launched in India in 1996. The name is Miss India Sindy Kurta because the suit she wears is called Kurta. She was Sindy’s most successful range ever alongside Ballerina from Pedigree.

Miss India is available in the following variants Kurta, Sare, gujarati and hair dazzle. The first three are names of their costumes they wear. They were sold in India and Pakistan among others. Manufacturer was Funskool (part of Hasbro) between the years 1996 to 2005.

The design for Miss India was developed by Hasbro in the USA and not in England!
When she got new a packaging (from cardboard to plastic tube
) it was mentioned in a big article in Financial time India.

Another interesting thing is that Hasbro launched Sindy in India the same year they decided to abandon the British Sindy doll in 1994. Maybe that’s why she was designed in the USA by Hasbro instead of England?”