The tiny pamphlet that accompanied the doll.
Tammy in the US ‘Wards’ mail order catalogue from the 60’s.

Director and Chairman at Pedigree, Jerry Reynolds, tells TLSM: “Tammy was launched in 1962 by USA company Ideal Toys (big in those days) styled as ‘girl next door’ alternative to Barbie brash fashion.”

Jerry continues: “Tammy was effectively USA forerunner of Sindy adopting USP “The doll you love to dress”. When Sindy was launched here (UK, comment by TLSM) in 1963, Ideal and Lines Bros (Sindy’s owner) worked closely together in those days and reached agreement that Pedigree could exclusively use “The doll you love to dress” in all Sindy markets and that became Sindy USP for many years to follow. Though Sindy continued to prosper, Tammy was withdrawn from the US market in 1966.”

Tammy in her box.