Kid Kreations Sindy Play Range: Sweet Treats

This is the introduction text from Kid kreations Sindy Play web page:

“Hi! I’m Sweet Treats Sindy! I love baking goodies and treats for my friends and family, so what better way to spread happiness than to open my own bakery?

Sweet Treats Sindy is the perfect playset for any doll lover who loves baking goodies and spreading happiness. She wears a lilac skater dress with a cute confetti print and lilac trainers, and she comes with extra long lilac hair styled in a high ponytail which is perfect for styling.

Sweet Treats Sindy also comes with a cute fabric apron, 3 plastic cakes, a plastic bagel, a plastic sorbet sundae, a plastic smoothie and plastic fruit juice, for lots of bakery fun.

If the link above doesn’t work anymore this is how the web page looked in 2022 (a print screen image):