Little Miss Vogue 1959

Frontpage of the 1959 catalog.
Upper right corner: Little Miss Vogue.

Pedigree sold dolls long before Sindy and on the pictures to the left you can see how Little Miss Vogue was presented in the Tri-ang Toys Christmas catalog from 1959.

As far as TLSM knows Little Miss Vogue was a “pre Sindy” doll made by Pedigree between 1959 and 1963. She was described (in the booklet below ) as “A 10 1/2-inch fully jointed all-vinyl teen-age doll with rooted saran hair (which may be blonde, platinum, auburn or brunette) and she arrives complete with elasticised nylon-lace bra and pantie-belt, nylon mesh stockings, pink, white or blue shoes, and pearl drop earrings.”

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TLSM’s Little Miss Vogue.
The Little Miss Vogue in her box.
The Little Miss Vogue Booklet.

Inside of the box you got this little booklet together with the doll. Here you could see and read the outfits you could buy for your new Little Miss Vogue doll. As most she had around 30 different outfits.

As you can see on this picture to the right, Little Miss Vogue had a carry case as well. Probably dates from 1963, assumingly the last year that LMV was produced.

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Little Miss Vogue carry case.