Sindy made under license: Tonner Sindy

In the Doll Showcase magazine, issue 68 in June 2021, Jenna Brewer wrote this article about the Tonner Sindy dolls. All photos in this article are taken by Susan Brewer.

Jenna has been collecting a variety of dolls including Sindy for many years and is the Creative Designer for Doll Showcase Magazine which allows her to share her hobby with other enthusiasts.

The Little Sindy Museum is happy to be able to share this article with you and truly thanks Jenna and Susan Brewer for being allowed to do so.

Doll Showcase magazine, issue 68 Sindy article-1
Doll Showcase magazine, issue 68 Sindy article-2
Doll Showcase magazine, issue 68 Sindy article-3
Doll Showcase magazine, issue 68 Sindy article-4

About Doll Showcase magazine: It “covers all types of dolls, from old to new. It is a UK publication which is issued four times a year and each issue has 50 full colour pages. We welcome new subscribers, and have readers around the world.  For more details please contact: .

Doll Showcase was first issued in 2004. It was founded by Susan Brewer, author of many books about dolls and doll collecting.  It is the only UK magazine devoted to dolls. The magazine is very friendly and informative, and over the years has included almost any type of doll you can think of, from children’s play dolls to dolls intended for adult collectors. We welcome contributions from our readers in the form of articles, letters and photos, and also have a team of regular writers.  Every issue contains a selection of features on many different dolls, so whatever you collect, you are sure to find something of interest!Author/editor Susan Brewer

Tonner Sindy dolls shown at DollyCon 2023

In 2023 Melanie Quint, the host of the yearly DollyCon event, brought her collection of Tonner Sindys to this years convention. Mich Egan was one of the happy visitors that was in Lincoln enjoying it all! Below you can watch a copy of her original video she took of the Tonner dolls.

A video of the Tonner dolls at DollyCon 2023.

Thank you Melanie and Mich for sharing this with TLSM!