Sindy on Social Media – Facebook: The Sindy Ballet Girl/ Jo Chafer

Jo says: ‘We are so proud to have supported The Little Sindy Museum and how lucky is my little ballerina to receive such wonderful thank you gifts. This cute Sindy T-shirt and boutique bag are exclusively made by the museum….what a treasure and little piece of history.’

Little Ted, did you know that my new Sindy T-shirt and boutique bag can be purchased at The Little Sindy Museum whilst supporting them at the same time. All you need to do is message them, although they may be a little large for such a little Ted.

Playtime: Hide and seek with Little Ted!

Ingen fotobeskrivning tillgänglig.
Coming ready or not!
Ingen fotobeskrivning tillgänglig.
Time for one more hide and seek Little Ted?
Peek a boo!
There you are funny little bear!

All the photos are taken by Jo herself!