Sindy on Social Media – Instagram: dollsabouttown/ Matthew Hadley

Would you like Mustard on that, Ma’am?’ Sindy serves the best ‘dawgs’ in town!!! Hot Dog stand, apron and hat designed & made by Matthew @dollsabouttown Made from previously used foam board, sticky back plastic, pins, the wheels are made from a yo-yo from a Christmas cracker, griddle, door handle, and hand rail are up cycled from a broken doll barbecue, the umbrella is upcycled vintage Sindy (was very sun damaged and cracked), food is a combo of Re-ment, Totally Tiny, the hot dogs are erasers, sauce shelf upcycled from a broken doll kitchen, and the sauce bottles on the shelf are vintage Sindy!

Photography copyright 2018 Matthew Hadley @dollsabouttown