Sindy’s “cousins”: Anna Moore 1975-1976

Anna Moore is a multi-jointed, smaller “cousin” of Sindy, only produced between 1975 & 1976 by Pedigree Toys, LTD. She was not interested in much else but horses since she was made to be the doll version of the olympic champion ANN MOORE, who won an individual jumping silver medal at the 1972 Munich Olympics on her horse Psalm.

Just as Sindy had the slogan “The doll you love to dress” Anna Moore had “Live the exciting scenes of the horse world”! Anna was made in two versions, each avaliable as blond or brunette. She also had a friend named Peter who only came in one brunette version.

Ann Moore was involved in the doll by writing about practical tips on riding and horsemanship in the brochures included in the boxes Anna Moore and her accessories were bought in.

For a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s Anna Moore collection, click on an image below. 

One of TLSM’s Anna Moore dolls.
The Scenery at TLSM with Peter and Anna .
Inside a box, read the brochure here!

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