Sindy’s “Cousins”: Bibi-Bo 1980-1984

“This Bibi bo belongs to the first period. She wears “Harmony”, a complete first period outfit with repro shoes of the original Bibi Bo shoes. She has a repaired – reconstructed body with a reproduction of the waist cup and the ball jointed hands. She also has her original hair and make up (there is only a slight restoring of her make up that is not visible).” Dr. Maria Sozopoulou

Example of a box with clothes and advertising.
TLSM’s Bibi-Bo from the first period.
Her body is similar to 1975-76 Active Sindy.

Dr. Maria Sozopoulou: doll repairing – reconstruction, repro body parts [reproduction of the whole Bibi-Bo body] and repro shoes.

Visit her shop: Seven Turquoise, Greece