Sindy’s friend: 1986 Marie

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook.

He says: “The second issue of Marie is really quite different to the fist edition.

Marie was repackaged in a new outfit which consisted of a green and black polka dot skirt, white blouse, black velvet jacket with matching flower to her skirt and a black velvet belt. She came wearing black heels.

Marie’s hair is made from a different material and is more course and curly. It is also a different colour. The skin tone on the first edition Marie is very pale, but the 2nd Marie seems to have a more standard colour to it (see picture of her legs) Both dolls are from the box.

This 2nd edition Marie is lovely but her hair is slightly more difficult to work with. I like the Irish feel to the outfit and this was reflected in her Logo being Green and Yellow.”

TLSM’s second edition of Marie has probably been standing in the sunlight hence her strange hair colour. Click here to see the photos below enlarged.