Sindy’s friends: Mitzi

TLSM does not have any Mitzi doll to show the visitors, sadly.

But luckily there are a lot of kind people in the “Sindy Community” such as Aly Shaw Simmons! Together with her beloved friend, Helen Carter, she wrote an interesting article in 2007, first featured in Doll Magazine October/November 07, called- Sindy: The doll you love to collect. Thanks to the kind permission of Aly, TLSM are able to share their text and photos about Mitzi with you so you at least can learn more about her!

Below is a text about Mitzi, taken from that article. They wrote:

“This is Mitzi, Sindy’s ‘continental’ friend. Released in 1967, and for a short period of time (less than 2 years), she is very hard to find, especially boxed. Prices have been known to go over £1000 for a boxed Mitzi, but can fluctuate down to a few hundred pounds.”

Pictures shown with the kind permission of Aly Shaw Simmons. Click on the picture to get to the original website!

Pictures below from Mam’selle A Sindy Doll Magazine Issue 18 | February 2023.