Sindy’s friend’s Royal Wedding, 1986

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook.

He says: “Royal Wedding Marie was issued in a double pack called Sindy’s Friend’s Royal Wedding along side Mark. The ‘Royal Wedding’ set was noted in the 1986 Toy Fair catalogue and was to be part of the original run of dolls in April 1986.

The pack was held back from the initial run and issued a bit closer to the actual Royal Wedding that was happening on the 23rd July 1986. The Box was issued in the newer box art style.

Body: Basic body with bending legs.

Clothes: She wears a Satin Wedding Dress, which is the same style as the “His N’ Hers” Wedding set but it’s a different fabric. Her veil is attached to the wedding Dress at the front which held it in place in the box. This went all the way through the dress to the back.

Accessories : White Heels, White Knickers and a bouquet of flowers which were originally held in place with elastic.

Hair: Royal Wedding Marie has very curly hair in quite tight curls. I have seen varients but these could have been replacements or put together for sale on e-bay. The ones I have had boxed from over the years (including my original one in 1986) all had the very tight curls.”