Sindy’s riding outfits & horses: 1976

The 1974 outfit (on the left) was sold together in the Horse box and had no special name. The 1976 outfit was sold separately as one of eight different outfits called Fashions For All Occasions and the riding outfit was called Riding Out 44260.

1974 vs 1976 I’ve chosen to put the opening, of the trousers, in the back since there’s no decoration seem as often used when the opening is in the front.

The yellow jumpers should be the same but since Pedigree had a lot of different production lines, some small differences can appear but that should not be due to the year they were made. But the trousers and the boots had differences as you can see on the photo below.

1974 vs 1976
On some of these yellow jumpers there’s a tag on the inside but since it’s made of a thin paper-like material most of them have been destroyed over time and therefore have nothing left to notice on the inside.