Sindy’s riding outfits & horses: 1982

For a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s riding outfits and horses, click on an image below. 

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All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree (and other mentioned on the photos).

Hooray for the year of 1982 and all the beautiful horse related accessories! For outfits Sindy was given a yellow jumper in Pony Club 44121, a warmer set with a black vest in Riding Out 44362 and a light blue pair of trousers in Rodeo 44365, but the trousers didn’t have the white side seam as it was shown in the brochure (as far as TLSM know! If you have a pair and know they are from this set, please send a PM!).

From the 1982 brochure.
The outfit package.
TLSM’s Pony Club.
1981 vs 1982
The soft cowboy hat.
Bad hat hair…
Kisses in Barbie’s hat.
One box variation.

A great new accessory for this year was the Gig and Horse 44520, one type of box shown above. The brown horse was still the same as in 1977 and in the newer box from last year.

The grey horse was also available, without the gig, in Dapple Grey Horse 44566. The Horse Care Set 44394 was the same as the one from last year. But this isn’t the end of this years accessories! Pedigree also released the Horsebox 44580 and a blue gig, without a horse, Sindy’s Gig 44519.

In the International brochure Sindy got even more horse sets and outfits. The outfit only, was called Sindy Goes West 44382 and came with a soft, sewn cowboy hat. In the same brochure there was a Pony Club Gift Set 44853 consisting of a Funtime Sindy in the Pony Club outfit, a brown horse, two competition jumps, a winner cup and a rosette. Another set was Sindy Western Gift Set 44852 consisting of a Sindy doll in the western outfit, the western horse, western saddle and competition barrels. And finally, Sindy’s Western Horse 44854.

But also there is a Sindy doll dressed in Western outfit but she was not shown in the brochure. If anyone knows more about her please send TLSM a PM!