Sindy’s Wardrobes during the Pedigree era

Pictures found on Pinterest showing the wardrobes with the boxes they most likely were sold in.

As far as TLSM, in collaboration with “Sindytectives”, can say there were eight different wardrobes with boxes produced by Pedigree.

1. In 1965 the first Sindy’s (Own) Wardrobe was released and had all white doors with a dark pink cabinet and legs.

Inside the wardrobe, high up, there was a shelf with a clothe rack attached underneath and on the bottom of the wardrobe there was a small cabinet with three drawers. Inside the left side door Sindy had a large fake mirror and underneath it a shoe rack. Inside on the right side door Sindy could hang scarfs and such on a smaller clothe rack and underneath it she had a box like shelf for small items.


2. Sometime between 1966-67 the second Sindy’s (Own) Wardrobe was released and two pink letters S were added to the front of the white doors, in the same dark pink colour as the cabinet and legs. The inside of the wardrobe had no changes. We haven’t been able to say for sure if the box got any changes (see further down) but according to “Sindytectives” investigations it’s also likely a sticker was added to the box saying “and EXTRA CLOTHES”. What clothes it referred to is unclear but we believe Pedigree used what was left in stock and therefore could vary.


3. In 1968 Sindy’s (Own) Wardrobe changed colour to be completely white and instead of the dark pink letters it now got, a bit more romantic, golden ornaments. But the moulding was the same and the inside of the wardrobe had no changes. The box’s illustration had a tiny change, we believe, (see below) where a sticker-like circle, containing three heart tokens, was added.

Different boxes together with the 1966-67 Wardrobe.
Different boxes together with the 1968 Wardrobe.

4. In 1974 the Wardrobe was the same but the box changed to a much more modern design with a photo of Sindy choosing clothes (new clothes, released first time in 1974) and also photos showing all of the bedroom furniture.


5. In 1976 both the Wardrobe and the box got new designs. The photo of the wardrobe, used both in the 1976 Sindy Brochure and on the new box, shows a “new” model. But we believe it’s just a prototype and that they simply used the old wardrobe cabinet, since the hinges are parted in three like on all the earlier wardrobes. The new model had shorter, two parted hinges, that were fastened a little bit away from the top/bottom of the cabinet. The legs were also removed, the ornaments on the doors changed and the new decorative pediment on the top was added. The inside of the wardrobe had no changes though, except for a new mirror material with a slightly different form.


6. In 1979 the box design was changed and so were the hinges on the wardrobe. The new hinges were still the two parted model but they were moved so they began at the same line as the top and bottom of the cabinet. The inside of the wardrobe had no changes compared to the newer model before.


7. In 1983 the box got a new design. This year the Sindy logo got a drastic change and all the packaging now got white stripes. The bottom colour differed depending on what kind of item it contained. For example, the boxes of the furniture line had this yellow brownish colour with white stripes, as you see on the picture to the right, while the Accessories line had a purple colour, the clothes line had a dark blue colour and so on.